Go Green

Solar Hot Water Heating

Commercial solar water heating systems can range in size from conventional sized systems that heat water for offices, to systems designed for large industrial applications. Solar hot water can help save money and energy. With federal tax incentives, it’s time for you to make the switch!

  • Rain Barrels
  • Lower your water costs!
  • Reduce water pollution!
  • Preserve your local water supply!

Milwaukee Plumbing & Piping Inc. has partnered with the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) in offering rain barrels that capture water from your roof’s downspout. By installing a rain barrel, you can help reduce the amount of storm water that enters the district’s water system. Water is collected in the barrel and can be released into your lawn or garden at a later, more controlled time.

For more information, visit the MMSD website.

Water Conserving Fixtures

Milwaukee Plumbing & Piping Inc. offers a variety of water conserving faucets, toilets and shower-heads.